Monday, 4 May 2015

Spirited Away Questions

Spirited Away Critique

2.I think that spiritual development could in fact be a part of the solution to environmental crises. One of the reasons is that the spiritual development is inherently a natural thing,as in many religions and beliefs spirits encompass nature and portray its many facets. By developing one's spiritual sense it would make sense that one would have a greater respect and connection to the natural environment. Chihiro learned about the spirits and grew more mature, she learned to respect the spirits of the land through her experiences with them; she developed her own spiritual self  and was able to go back into the everyday world.
3. The film’s preoccupation with water can help us to understand the planetary water crisis by its many characters and events. First the character of Haku is a literal representation of a rvier, the kohaku river to be precise and without Haku, Chihiro wouldn't have been able to survive the spirit world. The reason why Haku is important to the water crisis is that he lost his name and became a servant all because of the kohaku river drying up from urbaniztion. Another major part is the stink spirit that was cleansed with the bath water, it was polluted with things that were man made, and by removing the pollution the spirit was cleansed and brought blessing unto the  bathhouse. The sludge spirit's bounty was only possible because it was cleaned signifying that we can only recieve the waters bounty when it is cleaned from our own filth.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Culture Jammer


1.  The aspect that I find most successful in my cultural jam would be that it subverts two different things at the same time with one being everyone who uses apple products as well as the company's use of rehashing the past designs.

2.  The aspect I find to be the least successful part of my cultural jam would be the road. I couldn't find or make a road that matched up with the placement. When I tried making the road out of shapes, the perspective got messed up

3.  If I could do this project again I would decide to actually make it almost the exact same but not use any silhouettes.I think that if it was an actual photo with advertisements photoshopped in that it would have more of an impact.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Culture Jammer Analysis

Step 3) Adbusters Analysis

1. This company advertisement is calling out Nike for their use of sweatshop workers in the production of their shoes. It also shoes the pay difference between Nike and sweatshop workers

2.  The product being advertised is a Nike brand shoe

3.  Imagery that is used to subvert include the shoes design with the words and dividing line.e.

4.  The message is to show how grossly underpaid the sweatshop workers are compared to the people who profit on them.

5.   The white on black which contrast on each other and makes the words stand out. The rough seams on the shoe also let your eyes roll around the shoe

6.  The target audience for this ad would probably be the people in the shoes of the consumer, or more specifically in Nike's shoes. Most of these people would probably include teens and athletes

7.  This ad does portray a pretty clear and successful message. Since the image is just a shoe, the simplicity sends an explicit message and by dividing the shoe in half and giving the viewer something to compare see the difference in money.

8.  This ad jam could be improved by maybe providing more than just a shoe. While it's simple design is effective for its message, adding more substance to it could enhance its overall impact it has on the viewer. Something as simple as putting the shoe on a foot could make it more interesting.

1. The company advertisement is trying to represent the herd-like ideology of people that blindly follow the trend comparing, It's basically showing that by wearing the brand you are following the herd and lost your individuality. I

2. The product that is being advertised is the GAP brand of clothing.

3. The imagery that is used is a silhouette of a person with the GAP logo placed in the head, which suggests that only people with a gap in their head buy GAP clothing and follow the herd.

4. The message used in the advertisement to subvert the GAP brand of clothing by putting the logo on the head of a silhouetted person, which suggests that there is a gap between the person's brain and their body and is the reason why they are following the herd.

5.  The elements and principles of design are used in a way to enhance the overall message. First there are Contrasting colours which enhance the significance of the logo and make it look more significance, since the only colour in the ad is the blue of the GAP logo. It also uses the GAP logo in a clever way.

6. The target audience for this ad would probably be the people who buy the brand and the average consumer that is considering buying it.

7. The ad portrays a pretty clear message to me, especially with the subtitle at the bottom which you could use to inferit is talking about a fashion brand. It does a pretty good job of subverting the GAP brand by taking advantage of the logo and using it to suggest its message.

8.  This ad could be improved by giving it more substance to enhance it's overall design. The "follow the herd" text could be changed or moved, the text is kind of bland and makes it seem digital.The silhouette itself would also be intersesting to change, but even if it is not changed the cropping should include the shoulders. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

3D Anaglyphs

Post Apocalyptic Scene

Post Apocalypse Reflection

     This whole assignment was like experimenting with one brand new technique. Creating a 3D scene was very different yet satisfying in its own right. I had to use the right colour combinations to portray different types of depths from and by combining this 3D colour combination aspect with other techniques was what made this assignment truly unique; cropping and cutting pictures to make brushes, re-colourizing certain photos, defining brushes, proportion and perspective all felt new and different when I considered how something would look in 3D.
    I went with my original idea of a religious post apocalyptic world but I made some adjustments. What I ended up making was a scene depicting people worshiping an angel statue made of junk in an open destroyed city landscape re-purposed into a place of worship. I made the people in this picture look like they are intensely praying, I purposely decided to leave their intentions a bit vague and left to interpretation. There were a few things I added to the scene that I had not originally intended to add such as the wolves and locust which I added since locust were part of the plagues and wolves are considered beasts of the land. Originally I intended to make an indoor scene in a church, but I thought that portraying a makeshift place of worship would better reinforce the post apocalyptic nature,
    There weren't any particular artists that influenced me on this project but I can say that I was influenced by some other things. I mainly drew inspiration from the bible, more specifically Exodus with the plagues and Revelations with the apocalypse. I thought it would be neat to have an apocalypse based on principles of divine retribution and what the aftereffects would be.
    I balanced the composition in a few different ways. One thing I did was that I put images around the edges and spiraled them into the middle and back around, making the focus the worshipers as well as providing a better sense of depth by making the picture have a sort of 3D "window" to look into.
    My motivation for this work was to play with the idea of  divine retribution and what would happen after. I wanted to try and find the uncomfortable aspect that people have with religion and incorporate it into the scene. I wanted to explore the idea of what people would do knowing that there could be an angry god that is punishing them-would they repent and vehemently pray for salvation? Or would they disregard and fight back?
    The element that I feel are the most successful part of this project would have to be the people praying to the makeshift angel statue, which I feel most accurately portray how this post apocalyptic society acts and functions. I also really liked how the locust turned out and how much they pop out with the 3D glasses. There was not really any part of the process that surprised me, but I guess that looking at the scene with the 3D glasses each time was a different surprise on its own. If I had time to change anything I would want to clean up edges and smooth out some things, but I would mostly like to experiment with the 3D and find a way to make a better 3D effect.