Monday, 4 May 2015

Spirited Away Questions

Spirited Away Critique

2.I think that spiritual development could in fact be a part of the solution to environmental crises. One of the reasons is that the spiritual development is inherently a natural thing,as in many religions and beliefs spirits encompass nature and portray its many facets. By developing one's spiritual sense it would make sense that one would have a greater respect and connection to the natural environment. Chihiro learned about the spirits and grew more mature, she learned to respect the spirits of the land through her experiences with them; she developed her own spiritual self  and was able to go back into the everyday world.
3. The film’s preoccupation with water can help us to understand the planetary water crisis by its many characters and events. First the character of Haku is a literal representation of a rvier, the kohaku river to be precise and without Haku, Chihiro wouldn't have been able to survive the spirit world. The reason why Haku is important to the water crisis is that he lost his name and became a servant all because of the kohaku river drying up from urbaniztion. Another major part is the stink spirit that was cleansed with the bath water, it was polluted with things that were man made, and by removing the pollution the spirit was cleansed and brought blessing unto the  bathhouse. The sludge spirit's bounty was only possible because it was cleaned signifying that we can only recieve the waters bounty when it is cleaned from our own filth.

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